Antler Chandeliers – How To Restore The Beauty?

Do you have a beautiful antler chandelier? Are your home rooms looking more rustic? Consider hanging an antler chandelier in your home to add a rustic touch and give it that southern feel. When deciding on what type of antler chandelier to hang in your home, you need to take into account how many antlers you need, where you are going to place it, and the style of your home.

Antler Chandeliers – How To Restore The Beauty?

What should be considered when buying a horn chandelier?

Be sure to get the proper fit for your room with these guidelines for getting the right antler chandelier type. The measurement for hanging a chandelier is one inch to each side of the antler, two inches on top of the antlers, four inches from the bottom of the antlers to the wall, and six inches in the middle. If your ceiling height is less than sixteen feet, you will want to make sure that your antler chandeliers can hang from a lower ceiling. The measurement for the location where you will hang your chandeliers should be between eighteen and twenty-two feet from the floor to the top of the antler, but not less than twenty-four.

How do you hang a rustic antler chandelier?

Most antler chandeliers have a hook that goes under each antler to which a clothespin or curtain rod can be attached. Using a clothespin, hang the rod and curtain from the hook under the antler. Some hooks have small loops at the end for your hooks and others will be larger. The smaller loop will allow you to hang the antler chandelier without needing to use a curtain rod. Hanging a chandelier without using a curtain rod can result in your chandelier falling and injuring someone. It is important to know and understand how antler chandeliers may be damaged and restored. A small crack or split in the antler may lead to the light from inside the fixture coming out. This can lead to tarnishing and discoloring of the antlers. If this happens, the entire piece may need to be replaced.

Elegant, rustic and authentic antler chandelier types

Some other types of antler chandeliers include a skull, bear, and buffalo. The skull antlers are designed to resemble a human skull and can come in various shades of brown and black. A bear antler gives a herd appearance and the buffalo are stained with oils making them look like they are covered in fur. All of these antler chandeliers have an elegant and rustic look that will match well with southwestern home design.

Some chandeliers may be handcrafted or machine-made. If you are looking for an authentic antler chandelier, you may want to look for handmade antler sheds that are made by Native Americans. Handcrafted antler sheds are more authentic than factory-made antlers because the shed is made by a native person, often by their own family. Factory-made antler chandelier may be cheaper, but they are not as authentic.

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