How to Make an Antler Chandelier?

When people talk about antler chandeliers, they often speak of the ones hanging from the ceilings of old barns or lodges. However, these aren’t the only places you can find antler chandelier lighting fixtures. Antler chandeliers are making a comeback in rooms throughout the home. You can have one as a focal point or even use it as the basis for a new room theme.

How to Make an Antler Chandelier?

Before you get started on how to make an antler chandelier, it’s important to know a few things. First of all, antlers shed. While they’re not necessarily damaged, their shed is what makes them unsightly. You can keep an antler shed hidden or simply take steps to cover it when it isn’t in use. Sheds made from wood won’t shed as readily, though.

The cutters needed to make antler chandelier lighting fixtures are readily available at most home improvement stores or large retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s. Typically, they come in four pieces: the bulb, wire, antler cap, and wood shavings. Each piece is then cut into its proper length according to the size of the lamp. Most stores or large retailers that sell how to make an antler chandelier also sell lamps with the same frame. Antler lamps range in price depending on quality and brand. Antler glass is also available.

How to make an antler chandelier step by step

To begin on how to make an antler chandelier, you’ll need a standard lamp stand and a lampshade. Lamps don’t actually hold the bulbs in place, they hold the lens. Antlers can be found in a variety of sizes and each different size of antler will require slightly different cuts. The lampstand should provide some space in which to fit your chosen lamp.

Next, you’ll need to purchase your beads and wire. Again, not all stores sell antlers so it may be necessary to shop at a specialty store. Once you have your supplies, you can begin construction on how to make an antler chandelier.

After you have your supplies, it’s time to cut. Antlers are typically longer than bulbous bulbs, so they will require longer cuts. One antler piece will usually be long enough to accommodate two or three other smaller antlers. If more antlers are needed, consider cutting them down even further. The final step in how to make an antler chandelier is to secure the antlers to the table and screw or glue each individual piece to the other.

After your how to make an antler chandelier lamp is completed, test your chandelier. If it glows properly, you’re done. The next step is to light the unit. Make sure your lamp’s shade and dim, as antlers produce no light.

There are dozens of styles and sizes of antler chandeliers available for anyone who wants one. From deer antlers to mule deer antlers, these rustic lighting fixtures are perfect for sprucing up the interior of your home or business. A beautiful chandelier adds an enchanting touch to any room and can also be a great conversation starter. Whether you choose a simple antler chandelier or something more elaborate with a lot more personality, your new lighting fixture is sure to become a talking point.

If you’ve always wanted to add some rustic lighting to your yard, patio, or gazebo, you can make that happen with antler chandeliers. Available in a wide variety of sizes, antler chandelier lamps allow you to choose from the more common leather lamps or the fancier wood lamps. Leather lamp shades are quite common, but the fancier, more detailed wooden shades are becoming quite popular. The larger-sized wood antler chandeliers resemble chandeliers, but they have the wood antler covering on the outside as well as the bulbs inside.

While antler chandeliers are commonly seen outdoors, there are ones that can be used indoors as well. Many people opt for smaller, more personal-sized lamps. These types of lamps are often made of stained wood or look similar to Tiffany mirrors. Smaller antler chandeliers may also contain candles or oil lamps, which add to the rustic look of the antler.

Antler chandeliers can be made of all different types of wood, including elk, moose, and whitetail. Elk is the most common type used, with whitetails being used for smaller ones. Different colored woods are used in the construction of antler chandeliers and these include mahogany, white pine, and ash. These sources have different properties and thus produce varying results when made into antler chandeliers.

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